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I'm a professor at Toulouse University, in the Computer Science department of a school of engineering called ENSEEIHT (INPT/IRIT)

As a researcher, I'm working in the theoretical field of cognitive science, trying to model the ideas of Jean Piaget, the interactivism movement and all approaches where the agent activity is at the heart of cognition and behavior.

I'm also deepely involved in the development of medical software applied to nutrition education, as part of a long-time cooperation with Toulouse University Hospitals and their diabetes and nutrition departments. Try Nutri-Educ and repare your own meals!

As a teacher, I'm mainly interested in computer architecture, which lead to the creation of SHDL, a structural hardware design language, and of CRAPS, a do-it-yourself 32 bit microprocessor implemented with FPGAs.

I also run the Formation Fullstack which allows people from various trainings to become junior web and mobile fullstack developers.

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